Busby seo test or Guinness for Google

Guinness for Google

You wonder why I put this photography? Simply so that Google takes a small liter (more if affinity) of guinness and so that he leaves me quiet. Enter the disappearance of page rank because I had the misfortune to sell links on one site, the penalties alacon (saddened for the not French speakers), I drink without drinking...

I reflect, I arrive maybe, just me or with a team... The keyword is not funny (busby seo test), the competition limited enough and I do not have a lot of time for the seo busby test.

Google like Guinness?

Busby seo test on Google
Twenty one minutes after the upload of this page, it is already in the stomach of Google. Would this last one like the stout?

Participant in the Busby Web Solutions Search Engine Optimisation Challenge, just for fun, I don't have a lot of time.
I hope to finish in the top 10, but only and without too much time, it risks to be difficult.
I am present, the main part is to participate and to enjoy itself.

ADD on 19 november:
I fall slowly in the classification, in position 20, it is not so bad, but not seen the time which I dedicate to my busby seo test page, it is normal. We find the same competitors, the same teams and I think know the winning trio. Google goes you he to show itself? Keywords are known, pages have of the bottle, why would not he do the housework?

MAJ for the new year:
I believe that I forgot to take charge of this page. Busby SEO Test less attracted me because of several reasons: the same challengers, the same web site, the similar keywords and few friends who did'nt participate, like busby seo challenge.
I lost 20 places on the US DC, on the wished request, in brief, it is not magic.

Finally, my busby seo test page did not win, it was not in the top 10. She ends in place 41, correct location, yes, not better.

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