Globalwarming Awareness2007

Globalwarming Awareness2007 Project

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Globalwarming Awareness2007

Our Planet Earth is getting warmer !

Our future generations are depending on us to do what we can to turn things around for the best. Human being actions are the cause of global warming and together we can take action to help stop this.

The GlobalWarming Awareness2007 project is aware that there are many things we can do to promote a healthier and environmentally friendly environment. Over the last decades, scientists have observed the increase of temperature of our Planet Earth's atmosphere and sea; they've also reached the conclusion that we are the cause of Global Warming. With that said, we know it is everyone's responsibility to help reduce this threat.

Some of the consequences of not doing anything about Global Warming will lead to further increase in global temperatures, produce more extreme weather events like droughts, floods heat waves, hurricanes, tornados and rise of precipitation. Other catastrophically related events are higher or lower agricultural production, glacier alterations, less summer streamflows, increase of diseases and extinctions of species.

Global warming

While for many years the global warming controversy was a dispute about the extent to which human activity has caused global warming, it is now generally accepted by climate scientists and governments that human activities are the main cause of the climate change that is causing global warming. The Stern Report has made clear that it is not economic to continue with "business as usual". The controversy now is about what policies should be implemented to stop global warming. The controversy is about fossil fuels and nuclear power versus clean energy and the speed of reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. There is debate about mitigation of global warming versus adaptation to global warming.

Global warming is the observed increase in the average temperature of the Earth's atmosphere and oceans in recent decades and its projected continuation into the future.

Global warming is expected to influence both the natural environment and human life. Some anticipated effects include sea level rise, repercussions to agriculture, Shutdown of thermohaline circulation, glacier retreat, reductions in the ozone layer, increased intensity and frequency of hurricanes and extreme weather events, lowering of Ocean pH, and the spread of disease. In some cases, the effects may already be manifest, although it is difficult to attribute specific incidents of natural phenomena to long-term global warming. Just use carburant bio.

Globalwarming Awareness2007

Globalwarming Awareness2007

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